Meet the grumble: three pampered pugs from the Isle of Wight

Hi! We’re Barry, Betty and George, three pampered pugs living on the sunny Isle of Wight in England. Part of an ever-growing grumble, we are owned (or rather, own) a 24-year-old pug parent who dotes on us. We’re a mischievous bunch who love creating mayhem, so we thought we would record our trials and tribulations in this little blog of ours. Find out more about us below.


Meet Barry

Meet the grumble: three pampered pugs from the Isle of Wight
We got Barry as an 8-week old puppy back in February 2015 and it was really Barry who kick-started my love affair with the pug breed. Barry recently turned two and has grown to be a quirky little character. He’s also as stubborn as a mule and the laziest little dog I have ever met. Barry is incredibly headstrong and knows what he does and doesn’t like and cannot be forced to do anything. He’s known locally as the “high five dog” because he will high-five for a treat.
Barry initially had a hard time adjusting when we brought George home, as he didn’t like sharing his toys. It’s taken 9 months but I think Barry finally enjoys having a brother and sister around to play with, although he still doesn’t like to share his toys. 


Meet George

Meet the grumble: three pampered pugs from the Isle of Wight

George is the youngest member of the grumble and by far the most mischievous! I can almost guarantee that if someone is being told off in the house then it’s George, but he’s a very sweet little boy with a whole heap of character.

Georgie came to live with us when he was just seven months old after his previous owner decided he couldn’t cope. Poor Georgie had never been outside for a walk and had never owned a toy. It took a few months before George came out of his shell and developed a character, but boy what a character it is!
Full of beans 24/7, little George is the most testing of the grumble but can also be the most rewarding.


Meet Betty

Meet the grumble: three pampered pugs from the Isle of Wight

Betty is the newest member of the grumble, having only lived with us for 11 days. While she looks like a puppy she is actually the eldest of our pugs! We believe that Betty is around two and a half years old and that she may possibly have originally been from Hungary.

Betty sadly came from a back yard breeder. We have had her checked at the vets and our vet believes that Betty has had a litter as recently as 7 weeks ago. She’s currently receiving ongoing care for some infections but will be right as rain in no time.

Betty has settled into our life just perfectly; and while she’s still not overly fond of walks or meeting new people, she absolutely adores little George so you now don’t see one without the other. This has gained the pair of them the moniker ‘the troublesome two’, which is incredibly apt as they both love to create mayhem together!



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