Review: Danish Design Vintage Dogstooth Slumber Bed

Everything happened pretty quickly with Betty. One minute I was without a care in the world, packing my suitcase ready to take Barry and George on a little weekend break away – the next minute I found myself in the pet shop panic-buying anything a new dog could possibly need.
The pet shop had a huge selection of beds, but I found myself drawn to the Danish Design ones as we had already owned Danish Design bed before and they do some great patterns.

There were a few that caught my eye so I spent a good 15 minutes staring blankly at the shelf wondering which style the new pug would prefer, but in the end I went for the Vintage Dogstooth design which was in the ‘slumber’ style bed.

Review: Danish Design Vintage Dogstooth Slumber Bed

Design of the bed

The bed is really well padded and looks incredibly comfortable. Danish Design have clearly considered quality when designing the bed as the fabric seems very hard-wearing.
The bottom of the bed is removable which makes it super easy to clean. I like that the bed has a high edge around it as Betty loves to use this as a cushion.

The pattern on the fabric is really lovely and I think it would look perfect in any room. I love the style of the bed, particularly the buttons which I feel give the bed a luxury look.

I have very mucky pups so have already had to wash the bed. The washing instructions state to hand wash and drip-dry only, but I used the washer and the tumble dryer. This had absolutely no adverse reactions and the bed came out looking brand new, always a bonus!

What about the price?

I was very impressed with the price of the bed. I went for the second size up, which is around 60cm and cost me £22. In hindsight we probably could have gotten away with getting the smallest size bed for £18, but Betty seems happy with the size bed and that’s all that matters. I feel that £22 is a great price for a bed of this quality and I’ll definitely be considering Danish Design slumber beds when it comes to replacing Betty’s bed in the future.

So what does Betty think?

I think Betty absolutely loves her bed! Sometimes she’ll wander off on her own and I’ll find her sat in her bed in another room. I’m really pleased about this, as Betty didn’t own a bed with her previous owners and instead slept on the plastic floor of a play-pen, so I’m really happy she has a bed which she enjoys being in.

Review: Danish Design Vintage Dogstooth Slumber Bed

Do you have a dog bed brand that you swear by? Have you ever tried a Danish Design bed? I’d love to hear your views!


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