Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Now that Winter is officially over and done with I’m spending most of my time browsing online for new homeware. I’m planning a complete overhaul of my home interior this Spring, staring with the living room. I’ve already had a look around my local boutique shops (check my post here) and thought that now was the perfect time to check out what some of the bigger companies could offer me. The first retailer that sprang to mind was John Lewis, as they have some really gorgeous, high quality homeware. I’ve spent a good few hours browsing through their site and have compiled my 10 favourite pieces that would be perfect for refreshing my living room this Spring.


Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Cromwell Chesterfield Large Sofa

Our current sofa is over 2 years old now and is looking a bit tired. I’ve been looking for a new sofa for months and have just stumbled across the John Lewis Cromwell Chesterfield Large Sofa. It looks absolutely gorgeous with its deep seat cushions and high, solid arm rests. The product description lists that the seat cushions are made of foam, which I think is perfect because sofas with cushions stuffed with polyester filling can go very flat after a while.

There are a whopping 330 different fabrics that you can choose to have this sofa upholstered in, so it’s bound to fit in perfectly no matter what your colour scheme. I haven’t managed to pick my favourite fabric yet, I think I’ll need to order myself some swatches to see what looks best. Another great thing about this sofa is that it comes with a 10 year frame guarantee.

Available on www, Prices start from £1199.



Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Peony Hydrangea in Fishbowl

I absolutely love these faux hydrangeas and am definitely going to be buying some for my living room. I frequently buy fresh flowers for my home but am getting a bit fed up of them only lasting a few days. Rather than use this display as a centerpiece I would most likely place it in an unobtrusive place in my living room, maybe on a side table or on the TV unit, just to add a bit of freshness to the room.

Available from for £75.


Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Leckford Print Crackle Table Lamp

My home has a real lack of lamps. Seriously. My current options are big light on, or big light off. Not a lamp in sight. I’d love to have a side lamp like the Leckford lamp for those cosy evenings on the sofa. I think what really makes the Leckford lamp so stunning is the watercolour floral design to the base, absolutely gorgeous!

Available from for £85.


Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Aster Meadow/Arley Reversible Cushion

Another watercolour design here, but I think a few of the Aster cushions would look just perfect with the Cromwell sofa uphosletered in grey chenille. I wouldn’t go all out on the floral print cushions though, and would limit it to one or two of these cushions on the sofa. I’d then bulk it out a bit with some soft grey cushions in various shapes and sizes.

Available from for £20.



Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Sue Fenlon – Make A Wish Framed Print

I’m not usually big on paintings, or wall hangings, or having anything adorning my walls at all for that matter. I’m not even sure if we have a single photo hanging on a wall at home, though we have plenty of framed pictures taking up residence on various pieces of furniture.
This year my New Year’s resolution is to get a bit of colour into my home by adding a few paintings and the like. I think the yellows and greens of the Make A Wish print would fit perfectly with the Aster cushions above, and would also match the Leckford lamp due to its watercolour composition.

Available from for £150.



Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Croft Collection Amberley Jug

This is really where I’m really in my element. Decorative pieces which serve no purpose other than to look pretty are in abundance in my home. John Lewis have a great selection of decorative pieces on their website. I love the Croft Collection Amberley jug and think it would look lovely with some faux gypsophila in it.

Available from for £18.



Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Samantha Ceiling Light

I love the design of this ceiling light because it’s so minimalist and simple. We currently have some lovely Laura Ashley hanging lights in our living room, but I’m starting to feel that they’re a bit too much. I’m loving the idea of simple linen teamed with the polished silver metal, it looks very clean and would fit perfectly with the bright and airy style I’m aiming for.

Available from for £140.


Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Scandi Pom Pom Throw

Oh my word I absolutely love this throw! Throws are another big love of mine – I currently have four in my living room! I think the citrine colour of this throw ties in perfectly with the Aster cushions and would look lovely thrown over the arm of the Cromwell sofa upholstered in grey.

Available from for £65.


Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Hammered Silver Plate

Last year I was really into super shiny, polished copper. This year I’m loving matte unpolished silver, particularly hammered silver like this candle plate. For this plate I would buy a short, stubby 3 wick candle for the plate rather than a pillar candle. I think this plate would tie in nicely with the fresh citrus tones of the colour scheme I’ve chosen

Available from for £15.


Creating a Fresh Living Space with John Lewis

Jones Banbury Mantel Clock

I’m forever trying to accessorize our fireplace with pretty ornaments to try and make it a bit prettier. This gorgeous mantel clock is the perfect piece to put atop my mantel to add an extra bit of class to the room.

Available from for £30.

So that’s my round-up of my 10 favourite homeware pieces available at John Lewis right now. I’m off to work out a speech to give to my boyfriend to convince him that we need these pieces in our living room immediately.

What do you think of the pieces I’ve chosen for my living room? Are they right up your street or just not your style? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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