Putting the Spotlight on Home Lighting

Now that I’m in the full-swing of planning our home’s new look I thought it was about I looked into home lighting. Lighting is one of those things that I unintentionally neglect every time. I tend to treat it more as an afterthought and not as part of my home’s style.

This time round I’m trying to put a bit more effort into my home lighting. I’ve checked out the major retailers, such as B&Q, Dunelm and Wayfair, to find the perfect lights for my kitchen and living room.


Putting the Spotlight on Home Lighting

Image credit: B&Q – www.diy.com

Let there be light

My first order of business is replacing our kitchen light. We have one of those strip lights in our kitchen, you know the kind you find in hospitals and schools. While it serves its purpose well and kicks out more light than the sun, I can’t help but feel that my kitchen would look much nicer with some feature lights. Our bungalow has quite high ceilings so a hanging pendant or two wouldn’t look out-of-place.

I’ve browsed around the shops and have decided I absolutely love B&Q’s gorgeous range of lights. They have a great choice of lights in all different styles and sizes, so there’s bound to be something perfect for everyone there.

I’ve managed to find two pendant lights at B&Q which I love. Firstly is the Industry White & Charcoal Pendant Ceiling Light, which I think would look lovely above a kitchen island. The second light I found was the Hamlet Bubble Glass Nickel Effect Pendant Ceiling Light and it looks much simpler than the Industry light. I would probably have two or three of the Hamlet lights in a row in my kitchen to turn it into a bit of a feature.

Putting the Spotlight on Home Lighting

The Industry Pendant Light, available from www.diy.com



Putting the Spotlight on Home Lighting

The Hamlet Bubble Glass Pendant Light, available from www.diy.com




Lighting your living space

This morning I finally decided what I’m aiming for with our living room. The plan now is to remove the plaster from our chimney breast and have an exposed brick feature fireplace. I’m really excited about this because I think it will look just gorgeous with the petrol blue Chesterfield sofas I’ve just ordered. The only problem is that I have no idea what kind of light fitting will go with the new style of the lounge.

We have two lovely white Laura Ashley chandeliers in our lounge. They’re absolutely gorgeous but I don’t think they’ll fit with the new style of the living room. I can’t bear to get rid of the lights though, so I’ll be rehoming them to another room in the house.

I’ve had a good browse around and feel that some dark metal or fabric lampshades would probably work best. I found the below 29.5cm Metal Bowl Pendant Shade on Wayfair and think that this would look perfect teamed with the exposed brick fireplace and the petrol blue Chesterfield sofas in my lounge. They’re also an absolute steal at just £26!

Putting the Spotlight on Home Lighting

The Metal Bowl Pendant Shade, available from www.wayfair.co.uk


So that’s a brief round-up of my thoughts on home lighting so far. I think the kitchen and living room are the two most important rooms at the moment because these are the rooms our visitors are most likely to see. I will eventually be looking at new lighting for our dining room and bedrooms once I’ve decided which colour schemes and styles we’ll be creating in those rooms.



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