My No-Spend Month: Week 1 Round Up

So I’ve been doing my no-spend month for just over a week now. It’s actually turning out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. I thought “hey, it can’t be that hard to just not buy things”. Boy, was I wrong. It’s felt like there’s been a constant stream of things I’ve needed this month. Thankfully, my willpower has held strong and I’ve not been on any splurges.

A stressful morning.

On Thursday of last week, I had a bit of a manic morning. I was rushing to get the laundry in the washing machine before I went to work. I put the load in and turned the machine on. Five minutes later I’m frantically looking for my phone. I suddenly remember that my phone was in my dressing gown pocket… which was in the wash. My phone is completely knackered.

If it was a 15-minute quick wash then my phone might have survived. It’s just my luck that I’d put it on a 3-hour 90-degree wash. My phone is completely knackered. RIP Google Pixel, you served me well. I’ve forked out £500 this week to buy a new Pixel. Luckily I have contents insurance, and they are sending me a cheque for £500, so I’m still counting this as a non-spend for willpower purposes.

Running out of free things to do.

The one drawback of living in a tourist destination is that there’s really not much to do around here for free. Almost everything on the Isle of Wight requires money. One of the only exceptions to this is walking, so we’ve mostly spent the week walking our in new places. On Sunday it was incredibly warm here, so we went back to our favourite beach, Brook. The pugs had a wonderful time, and Georgie even learned how to swim!

My No-Spend Month: Week 1 Round Up

My thoughts so far.

If I’m honest, I’m not sure if I’m going to manage the whole month. We’re going on holiday in just 11 days and there are some things I’m inevitably going to have to buy, like sun cream. We’re thinking of doing a car boot sale this weekend to raise some holiday funds. We’ve never sold at a car boot sale before, but it looks like a lot of fun. Plus the bonus is that if we make any money then I can buy my sun cream and I don’t have to feel guilty for ruining my no-spend month!


Have you ever had a disaster with your phone or another piece of technology? I’d love to hear your moments of madness, it’ll make me feel better about myself washing my phone!


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